Thursday, 21 September 2017

Week 9 problem solving

Walt: find fractions of a set
Walt: find fractions of continuous shapes

Task description:In room 10 we are learning about our  fraction smallest to Biggest and it is really easy.Because last year i have done that with Mr baxendine. But too be honest I don't know what is ratio Because i wasn't here So then after we complete our problem solving we post it on our blog.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Week 6 problem solving

Walt: understand BEDMAS
Walt: create diagrams to represent equations

This week Room 10  are doing their Problem solving last week one and this week  so in our class we are understanding Bedmas and it mean B Bracket E Exponent D Division M Multipilcation A Addition S Subtract.And that what it mean so then I have the post proudly friend Name Zaeeda that work with me.

Friday, 18 August 2017

My Water cycle

In Room 10 we are finish off our work and I am happy cause I have finish this week work So then after if we are with our work we can post it on our blog.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Capture the flag.

In the Morning when I came to school it was just another ordinary day ohh But soon when I came inside my class there was cones, flags and Hula Hoop .I was Surprise and shocked in the same time.So when i take a closer look I was thinking that we might play Octopus or Rob the nest But I don’t know.

Soon after when I put my bag on a chair then Suddenly the Bells Ring and soon when we heard the bell we went back to our literacy Class and when we went then our teacher Miss West Told us that we were playing Capture  the flag.And I couldn’t believe it.Because that was my favourite game.So then after Miss west told us she said we should watch how to play Capture the flag and it kind of cool.

Meanwhile Soon when we finish watching the video and then we went outside to the field to play there and It was very hard.Because I didn’t know what to wear Shoe or bare feet But My only Option was having bare Feet. So then when we went to the field Miss west put was into to group and when we got started first we have 8 people come and play and it was Me and my friend.And when we started the game I had a good time.But most of all some of the other team player kind of cheat but I had fun and when it time to switch I let Ayvah to switch with me.

Then After when our team and the other team have to continue for the last minute the other team won.But i think that our team mostly Won.But I enjoy playing capture the flag.Because  it  funny how we kind of playing like Tom & cherry.

But Sadly it was Time to pack up, so then when Miss West choice Josh, Loseti, Eden and Toby do the cones Levonah, Pisirina and Marika pick up the hula hoop and finally all of us line up and go to Class.
Code Word

Yellow highlight = simple sentences

Blue highlight =Compound Sentence

Red highlight=Complex sentence

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Week 4 problem solving

Walt: measure and understand volumes, and make a connection between measurement and fractions.
Walt: develop an understanding of equivalent ratios.

In room 10 we are doing our problem solving but it is a different one.But i was very happy cause my best friend help me and i help her.

Friday, 11 August 2017

problem solving week 3

Walt: measure and understand distances and volumes, and make a connection between measurement and fractions.  Walt: develop an understanding of equivalent ratios.

This was my math task for this week.I worked with Levonah and Trinity.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Walt: understand area and volume; use exponents
Walt: reflect on our problem solving
Walt: solve more complex division problems

Task description:This task we are learning volume and area and it is tricky.But unless i finish it but then when we finish we post it on our blog.